If you have not had a smash repair completed before, you may not know what happens at each stage of the repair process. These are the most common steps we go through – although there are always variations.

Call Your Insurer To Let Them Know Of Your Accident

Obtain a Quote from Kassulke’s Smash Repairs

We will provide a detailed written quote for your insurer. Just book your car in for a free assessment and we will take care of the paperwork for you.

Your Insurance Company Reviews the Quote

Your insurance company will conduct their own assessment of your car. Sometimes they will simply review our quote, other times they will need to see your car in person at one of their assessment centres.

Your Insurer forwards Kassulke’s Smash Repairs an "Authority to Repair"

We Book Your Car in for Repairs

As soon as we receive the "Authority to Repair", we will call you to book your car in for repairs.

Step 1: Damage Removal

The first step is where we dismantle the damaged part of your car and review the extent of the damage against our initial quote. Sometimes the damage may be greater than first thought once we get behind the crumpled panels.

Step 2: Car Repairs

In the next step, we fit the new parts that are required, and repair your vehicle. We then put your car on our measurement machines to ensure that everything is back to manufacturers' specifications.

Step 3: Car Painted & Reassembled

If your car paintwork needs any attention, we will then arrange the necessary resprays or touch-ups in one of our paint booths, using Glasurit high quality automotive paint. Our team are experts in colour matching to ensure the best possible match to the rest of your car.
If you have opted for a full body respray because of hail or sun damage, or ecause of major damage, this is when we will do this for you. Your car is then reassembled.

Step 4: Quality Check

Our quality controller will take your car through a detailed quality check to ensure all the repairs have been completed to a high standard.

Step 5: Car Wash & Detail

The final step is when your car is washed and vacuumed ready for you to drive away.

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